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Meet The Candidates - 2020 Election

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have posted the resumes of each candidate running for the Board of Directors here on our website. This is to ensure our members are making a well-informed decision when casting their vote this summer.


Thomas Whitehead

May 2, 2020 I was appointed as Acting Treasurer of IMLCA by a unanimous favorable vote of the Board of Directors.  This was to fill the void created by resigning Treasurer Craig Lafferty.

Full time resident of IML for over 40 years.  Previously served as the Chairman of the Finance Committee under Treasurers:  Joe Falotico, Dave Schreiber, and Susan Hildebrand before the committee was placed under the leadership of Treasurer Craig Lafferty.

Actively campaigned for no increase in dues after 2017 audit was presented.  Explained how the audit showed a $2 million undesignated fund.  Dues were not raised in 2018 or 2019.

Retired from Housing Authority of the City of Easton (PA) Housing Authority where I worked as Comptroller.  Duties, as Chief Financial Officer of the authority, included all phases of accounting, insurance, payroll, collections, equipment inventories, internal controls, investments, audits, and reporting to Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

After retirement worked two years part time at Split Rock Lodge in the accounting department working on depreciation scheduling, and accounting of new water park construction loan.

Later worked part time at IMLCA in the accounting department taking care of resident payment applications and record keeping of backup files for deposits.  Supervisor was Celeste Vasquez who was the GM at the time.
Community Service includes Committee person in charge of accounting for the first five American Cancer Society’s West End Relay for Life.  Was responsible for Relay accounting collections and team cash collections deposits into the bank.
Also, was Finance Chairman for Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Gilbert for ten consecutive years.  Prepared parish budgets each year and chaired monthly finance meetings reviewing and reporting to the pastor.  I was instrumental in setting up the finance committee with sub-committees for the accounting functions of the parish of over 2,400 registered families.  I audited expenses and income of the parish and assisted the pre-school program with the management of accounting record keeping.

I have been married to my wife Anne for 45 years and we raised three children while residing in Indian Mountain Lakes.  We have six grandchildren.
I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA
Honorably Discharged from the United States Army (1965) where I served in a Quartermaster Battalion Headquarters working with a cadre of officers and a Sergeant Major.  In two years achieved the rank of Specialist Fourth Class.


David Schreiber

I am Dave Schreiber running to become a Director on I.M.L.C.A.'s Board.
I was a Board Director in 2016 & 2017, forced to leave because of a now corrected health issue. I served as Secretary and Secretary/Treasurer. As Secretary, I responded to all complaints and inquiries directed to the Board.

Prior to serving, I was on several committees. The following are some accomplishments and community involvement:
I was contacted by a resident claiming I.M.L was overpaying for electric usage. I looked into it, and found we had 14 accounts. I created electronic access to all accounts with PP&L, and reduced the Kw hour rate saving approximately $ 1,000.00 a month.
I applied to PP&L to have the street lighting changed to L.E.D. at no cost.
I had the Radon level checked in the clubhouse and it is at a safe level.

I attended seminars given by Rep. Rosemary Brown and the Pa. Attorney Generals Office about “Alternative Dispute Resolution”, (A.D.R.)
I attended a seminar at the Monroe County Conservation District (M.C.C.D.) about “lake and pond management”.
On another occasion, Mrs. Ziolkowski and I, went to the M.C.C.D. To arrange a consult with an aquifer geologist about the recurring E.Coli problem.

Received Pa. D.E.P. Training about Coliform reporting and remediation.
President Bob Savino and I, met with U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright's Economic Development Specialist, and discussed funding for improvements to culverts, lakes and Mud Run.
We also met with a representative of the Pa. D.E.P. Northeast Regional Office about the E. Coli problems, as well as Pa. State Representatives and Senators.

I handled the replacement of the hazardous and inefficient oil fired heating system in the maintenance facility. We saved $ 4,000.00 by converting to a propane fired system and I obtained the permits from Long Pond and Tobyhanna governing entities.
I worked with the Maintenance Supervisor and Mr. Paul Aites, and saved approximately $ 7,500.00 in structural repairs to the 2010 Ford dump truck.

I physically responded to inquiries about operation of School Bus sites.
I met with Maintenance during March 2017 blizzard and checked roads.
I initiated voice recording of Board Meetings.

If elected, these are my goals for the future:
Insist the Parliamentary Procedures and By-laws be followed.
More attention on infrastructure.
Evaluate spending on all projects.
Insure minimum of 3 bids on any project.
More transparency as outlined by Pa. Title 15 § 5508.
Continue my idea of building a solar powered Maintenance Facility and removing the salt shed and converting the present maintenance building to a gym and /or game room.

Experience and Qualifications:
N.I.A.S.E. CMAT&CMHDTT, Advanced engine performance, gas and diesel, (L1,L2), C.N.G., Auto/Truck parts, Certified N.Y.C. Gov't. Auto & Diesel truck Mech, Auto/Truck electrician, N.Y.C.D.S. trained in snow removal, articulating front loader operation, towing and recovery procedures. E.P.A. & D.E.P. trained in tracked and multi-wheeled equipment, road graders and back hoes. Certified in hydralics repair up to 25k psi and boom and crane cable inspections. N.Y.F.D. Certified in torch, welder and air compressor operating. N.Y.P.D. and D.E.P. Certified in R.M.P. (EVOC) with red light and siren authorization. N.Y.C. C.D.L. Trainer, and certified in various safety and lifesaving procedures, and as department safety trainer. N.Y.C. trained in E.E.O. and anti-discrimination practices. Trained by G.M., Ford, and Toyota in hybrid diagnosis and repair. Certified N.Y.C. Supervisor, M.M.E. III. N.Y.S. Safety and emission inspector.
Employed by government agencies operating in N.Y. And Kansas and held Constable and Peace Officer status. Worked in all NY.C. boroughs and the 2,600 sq miles of water shed area. Supervised other supervisors, in automotive and building trades. Managed 250-300 various types of equipment. Controlled a $3 million parts and labor budget and provided input into department wide vehicle procurements. Worked with O.E.M. as a D.E.P. Responder and following the Twin Towers attack worked with state, county and local law enforcement. Supervised the Federally mandated conversion of 105 vehicles from gasoline to C.N.G.
Educated at Ottawa and Wright Universities in two-way radio communication and computer programming with P.S.I.

Stephen Korte

Employment Experience: 20+ years of construction (electrical, rough & finish/ framing, plumbing, block & brick, concrete, structural steel and blueprint reading.) 15 years as a foreman for Union Local 20 Cement & Concrete

Area of Expertise/Contribution You Can Offer: All construction related projects. I’m act 235 certified and help with our security & procedures.

IMLCA Volunteer Experience: 3 years Disaster Action Liaison, 3 Years Board of Director

Other Volunteer Experience: Hosted our Italian Lasagna Night at our Clubhouse that had 104 members in attendance. Demoed and constructed our new Snack Stand at Seneca Pool.

Why do you wish to be elected to the Board of Directors: In three years of being on the Board of Directors I’ve brought positive changes to our community and would like to continue doing so.

Vision for the Future of the IML community:  A community of friendly, caring and respectful neighbors who cooperate with each other to grow value of our properties and family, friends and community relationships.


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